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Capacity Building – Export and innovation 


Service providers for export and innovation to SMEs, including Incubators

  • Centris project (EU Programme INTERREG 4 – Central Europe): among the objectives of the project there is the development of a qualification Programme for intermediaries located in the central Europe area to enhance their transnational RTI knowledge and intercultural skills. (2009), Danube EU training & RTD, Vienna Austria.
  • Incubatrain project (EU Programme Lifelong Learning Leonardo Transfer of Innovation): a transfer of innovation project aimed at the development of an Incubation manager course in the partner regions from the Central Europe (2008/2009), Danube EU training & RTD, Vienna Austria.
  • Alpinetwork project (EU Programme INTERREG 3B Alpine Space): an interregional cooperation project aimed at coaching innovative IT pilot projects in the Alpine partner regions, implementing transnational and intraregional networking (platforms), know-how transfer, socio economic analysis pre- and post project. (2004), Pillerseetal Regional Development Agency – Regio-Tech, Tyrol Austria.

Assignment and project tasks

Support to participation and project management of ‘train the trainer’ schemes aimed at developing and strengthening the competences of the services providers for international business development and innovation of SMEs.